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Why we built neem

Neem was built out of a shared passion for entrepreneurship and belief that dentists today deserve better technology. The company's co-founders, John and Tarun, knew they had the right mix of business and technology backgrounds and a shared desire start a company together. As they set out to evaluate business opportunities, nothing stuck out to them more than the fact that 200,000+ dentists in the U.S. today are largely still running on software built in the 1980's. They knew there had to be a better way.

So, John and Tarun set out to build a coalition of dental professionals to design and build a better Practice Management System together. Through hundreds of conversations, this coalition was formed and the voice of the industry became the driving force behind Neem's product design. A product built to address specific pain points with existing dental software today without creating a whole new set of challenges for tomorrow.

Dental practices today deserve better. They deserve software that allows them to remove the word “server” from their vocabulary. Software that empowers their practice performance, not just something that keeps the lights on. They deserve Neem.

Neem was built out of a shared passion for entrepreneurship


The People Behind Neem

John Hammond
John Hammond

Co-founder & CEO

Tarun Eldho Alias
Tarun Eldho Alias

Co-founder & CTO

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